Every House and Businesses Need an Emergency Power Supply

Unexpected power cuts can be your worst experience as they disrupt your routine. We live in an era where we cannot imagine life without electricity. However, power outages can be common during natural disasters or other scenarios. In such a situation, you must live without electricity for a long time. The best defence in such a situation is to have your power backup solution. Therefore, we, Credence Energy, offer emergency power supply for homes.

What is an emergency power supply?

Emergency power supplies are an alternative source of electrical power. They are mostly used to power your essential electrical and electronic devices in case of power cuts. For example, solar power is the best option for emergency power generators or emergency power sources. It is a renewable energy source, free, and does not cause pollution. However, only some houses can benefit from solar energy. In this case, you must rely on sources like gas generators or emergency power supply.

What to look for in an emergency power supply?

Power cuts can happen at any time, so you should be prepared for them. If you want an emergency electrical supply, you should pay attention to the following features before making a purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages of an Emergency Power Station?

A power station is a rechargeable battery pack that stores energy from an AC charger or renewable sources like solar panels or wind turbines. Even though they may cost more upfront, power stations offer many practical advantages, making them a better choice for clean and quiet energy, especially for long-term use.


A portable solar power station is the most dependable power source during a power outage. While solar power is also effective, its efficiency may decline during cloudy or rainy conditions. Therefore, having a portable power station as a backup is preferable.

In a power outage, prioritize powering essential equipment only, as the duration is uncertain. It is advisable to invest in an emergency generator with a power rating of at least 1500 watts or higher. This level of power ensures critical devices can remain operational for extended periods.

An emergency power supply is a backup system or device used during power outages or emergencies to provide electricity for essential functions like lighting, appliances, and medical equipment. Common options include generators, battery backup systems, and portable power stations.

During an emergency, power supplies like generators or battery backup systems activate automatically, providing electricity for critical devices. Generators use fuel to generate electricity, while battery backups store energy from the grid or renewable sources, ensuring uninterrupted power during outages.