What Does The Word Credence Mean?

Trust, Belief, Faith

Credence is a contractor that designs, engineers, builds, finances, and maintains a variety of Renewable Energy Projects. Our main area of concentration is in the Photovoltaic Industry, and we also specialize in energy efficiencies, products, and Battery Storage.

Our goal is to help provide clean sustainable energy for clients that have a demand for more affordable, clean energy and a long-term objective of mitigating singular utility attachment. Using a diverse technology field, we can provide financing and build-out scenarios in which each unique client can help lower their overall dependency on a weaker, more expensive and less reliable utility source.

Our hybrid approach allows us to offer clients at a minimum the ability to lower their power purchasing rate and a maximum of becoming their microgrid controlling their energy future.

With the unreliability of the local grid(s) and ever-escalating energy prices, Credence can deliver options for every type of client.

Credence has a stronghold on the Texas and Florida energy markets.

Business Sustainability

Our mission as a company is to protect our natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment, human and ecological health, and keep the delicate ecosystems of our planet in balance.

Credence practices a lifecycle that in short drives innovation without compromising our way of life. With the recent technological developments and increasing concern over the sustainability and environmental impact of renewable energy sources, we have taken an approach that contributes to the efforts of a maintainable environment.

Credence’s sustainability strategy drives our business into creating a greener future. Our cycle focuses on a few key contributions.

  • Sourcing– We only source with suppliers whose activity practices eco-friendly practices.

  • Materials & Products– We only choose environmental choices when it comes to purchasing our material. We do not purchase any type of product that results in hazardous waste.

  • Recycling– We take pride in recycling our materials. Our goal is to reuse as many materials as we can. We also practice recycling techniques in our office and have standards that our employees must abide by.

  • Distribution– To cut down the impact of harmful fuel emission, we source materials locally when we can.

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