Why a solar Design is Important?

Solar customers, like all customers in any industry always check what makes their provider different from their competitors. This is because they need to know the value of the service or product they pay for. Often times, our advisers brag about the product, pricing, warranties, company existence, etc. But in the solar industry, it is important to have a solar design that will fit the customer’s needs. Why a solar Design is Important? Let me name a few scenarios to show how important a solar design is.

  • Savings – solar design is important to make sure that your system can offset your energy consumption. You may still end up with outrageous electricity bill despite having solar if your solar is not designed accordingly.
  • Efficiency – your solar system must be working at their highest efficiencies and production levels. Unfortunately, your solar system may not produce the amount of energy you need if not installed accordingly.


Who is the one in charge?

Now that we know a bit how important a solar design is, who is the one in charge? Solar designers! Solar professionals responsible for several tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Creation of closing documentation
  • Communicates with appropriate utility companies
  • Ensure that all technical and permitting aspects are fulfilled for a smooth transition to using solar
  • Create a unique system for the home or business installation
  • Visits the appropriate government office to petition for necessary construction permits
  • Obtaining “Permission to Operate” or PTO from utilities
  • Understanding a variety of solar design and engineering software programs
  • And a lot more…
Solar Design

Solar Design. Why a solar design is important?

As we see, solar designers are vital to the solar business. Here in Credence, we focus on the customer as much as we focus on solar design to deliver the best solar systems on the market. We send our competitive advisers to gather information in order for the solar designers to create the solar system that will fit your needs. It is important that both advisers and designers work closely so we can be sure that the quote is accurate. You will be confident that the solar system you get from Credence is tailor made to your solar needs.

Solar Panels installed accordingly

A sample of Solar Panels installed according to their unique solar design.

Action plan:

If you are not sure which system to get, how many panels to install, or if you feel that there is a need to adjust your power consumption after your solar system is installed, let our trained advisers visit you. We value your time, so we will do the analysis for you. It will take 15 minutes, more or less and is free of charge. Or you just stop by our solar headquarters in Bakersfield and have a talk with our solar advisers or designers today.

Credence is your trusted installation contractor for all energy needs in California, Florida, and Missouri. We can install your Solar for as little as zero down. Contact us today via phone or email, and start saving from electric bills, and saving the planet.


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