What is the problem with using traditional solar panels?

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Solar panels are expected to work for a long time, and as much as possible, offset your power bill. But after a year, you noticed that your electric bill went up. And this continues to happen year after year. Why?


The problem.

This is because of Potential-induced degradation or PID. PID is a potential-induced performance degradation in crystalline photovoltaic modules, caused by so-called stray currents. This effect may cause power loss of up to 30 percent. *

PID occurs on traditional solar panels that use metal frames. These panels lose 3% of their power generating capability on the 1st year, and 3% every year. So, if your solar reaches its 10th year, it is only on its 70% capability.

What does that mean? It means that by the time your solar system is on its 10th year, it is no longer producing the amount of energy you need. And you will get power from the power grid to sustain the power consumption of your household. The less power your solar system generates, the more power you buy from the utility company, the higher your power bill is.


dual glass vs traditional panel

Dual glass VS normal panel standard


How we resolve this?

Is there a way to resolve this? Yes! Credence Energy has frameless double glass solar panels which lowers PID to literally zero! This means that your solar system is performing the same way as it did on day 1! On top of that, our frameless panels have a 30-year warranty, in comparison to a 25-year with traditional metal panels. It resolves not just PID on traditional panels problem, but also a few unnoticed problems of solar:

  • No Grounding Issues Causing Archs & Eventual House Fires
  • Better aesthetics – fits your roof perfectly, looks like it is floating!
  • Self-cleaning – no dirt builds up!
  • 30-year warranty – the best in the market!
Frameless solar panel

Frameless solar panel










Here at Credence, we take care of our customers as much as we take care of the environment. Don’t settle for the traditional panels which will give problems in the long run; use a frameless double glass solar panels which you can only find in Credence!

Credence frameless solar panel

Credence frameless solar panel

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*3% deterioration per year