How the environment benefit from YOUR solar panel systems?


When we think of solar, we first think of our savings, protecting ourselves from outrageous electric rates, incentives, etc. But how our friend, Mother Nature benefit from solar panel systems? How does the environment benefit from YOUR solar panel systems?

You may have several ideas in mind, but let me mention a few that we like the most from using Solar power:

  • Reduces Air Pollution
    • Since we are not depending on burning nonrenewable energy sources, we lower the carbon footprints in the air.
    • Burning of fossil fuels are no longer needed as we generate power from an abundant free source: the sun.
Comparison between Clean energy home and Fossil fueled home.

Clean energy home vs. Fossil fueled home


  • Reduces Toxic Solid Garbage
    • Solar panels last long, for sure. But like all other materials, the panels also suffer from deteriorating, which happens around 30 years.
    • No residue or toxic byproduct when using solar panels to generate power.

Given that we use materials on our solar panels that only functions for some time, Credence has made steps on how to further lower the risks of using solar. We have panels that use glass, meaning, it will last longer and will not easily deteriorate. This feature gives longer warranty on your panels!

A few questions for you:

  • Are we going to wait for the planet to begin deteriorating before we take action?
  • How can we save the planet?
  • What is stopping you from going to solar and use clean energy?

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