Reduce Kwh’s Before Your Produce Kwh’s Results In More Savings

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Ever thought of switching from fluorescent to LED, but not sure what benefits you will get? Or, considering the cost of upgrading? Let Credence help you make a decision by reducing Kwh's before you produce Kwh's that results in more savings. But before we proceed, let us name a few things to consider before upgrading.

How Solar Air Conditioning Will Revolutionize America

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CREDENCE’S NEW TECHNOLOGY HYBRID SOLAR AIR CONDITIONERThe warm weather is on the way and we are starting to turn on our air conditioning systems to keep us cool. But for those of you that don’t have one or for those of you that need one replaced, what are you going to do?I'm sure we can all

How can YOU be Energy Independent?

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On our previous blogs, we figured out how we, humans and the planet will benefit from using solar. The sun is our source of life, after all. Aside from financial incentives, environmental benefits, what else can we get from using solar systems? One thing that you think of switching to solar is to offset your